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Cotswold Blue Veined Brie

Another Organic soft white moulded cheese with a Roquefort blue mould running through the centre. It has a delicious creamy texture, with a fresh clean taste that develops as the cheese ages into a rich aromatic piquancy. Depending on taste, it is perhaps at its best towards the end of its life,

It can be eaten traditionally with bread and wine, but it is wonderful with a fresh pear. Our Organic Cotswold Blue Brie has become increasingly popular with local chefs for its versatility, be it in salads, melted on steaks, or just simply at the end of the meal on a cheese board accompanying local chutneys, relishes and seasonal fruit, it is a delightful addition to any kitchen or cheeseboard.

Available in 140g and 300g.

Cotswold Blue Veined Brie

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