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Our Story.

Since 2005 we have been creating our award-winning cheeses, we don't intend to stop either.


River Meadow Cattle

The Weavers have been farming in the Cotswolds for three generations, and in the South West of England since before 1570.
We proudly follow a traditional method of organic farming and place great store in caring for land and animal welfare. Our closed organic herd enjoy a forage-based diet, and their milk production is not forced. 
We know that if our girls are happy, our cheeses will taste great too.


Our ladies at Greystones Farm positively impact meadow health and biodiversity through careful management with the Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust. They aid in archaeological preservation, restoration efforts with GWT, and support the unique ecosystem within the meadows. This symbiosis ensures the meadows thrive, whilst providing hay as winter sustenance for the dairy herd and preserving precious biodiversity.

Greystones Sunrise


Nestled in the picturesque landscapes of Greystones Farm in Bourton-on-the-Water, our contented herd of 75 milking cows graze freely on the lush meadows surrounding the farm in the Summer months. These cows play a central role in producing quality organic milk that forms the foundation of our cheese.

Through the use of our robotic milker and dedication to ethical and environmentally friendly farming methods, we aim to deliver delicious dairy products while prioritising the well-being of our girls and the preservation of the natural beauty of their surroundings.

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